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EddiemoneysuperhitsOn Saturday Feb 2nd, 2013, rock singer Eddie Money (born Edward Joseph Mahoney in 1949 from Brooklyn, NY) and his band performed at the Paramount Theater in Rutland Vermont. It was quite a show, I’ll tell you that! He hit success in the 1970s and 1980s and I’ve got to say, 30 years later, he’s still got it! This is a man who loves to perform and is clearly still good at it!

Eddie-MoneyOver 500 people walked through the doors at 8:00 pm. “Money, Money, Money” by Abba played through the speakers amping the crowd up for Money’s upcoming show! Opening the show with “Baby Hold Onto Me”, (topping the charts in the 1970′s), Money was dressed to kill in a suit and he sure was ready to rock! The acoustics throughout the entire show were amazing!

I was quite impressed with him as a performer. Some bands just aren’t as good live as they are in the studio. That is a fact. Eddie Money and his band are not one of those bands. Amazing both in the studio and performing live on stage it really was a good time. He even he broke out his harmonica and totally got in tune with the band.

IMG_7923-copy-211x300It didn’t stop there! He also broke out his saxophone a few times throughout the show! He is one smooth sax player! You could tell the crowd really was enjoying this spectacular performance. Some hits he performed included; Walk on water,” ”The love in your eyesand “I think I’m in love”. The band also broke out and did a remarkable and fun cover of the song You really got a hold on me By the Beatles! Money added a little bit of his own style to this hit and was really able to get the crowd going.

Towards the end of the show was the moment people had been waiting for. The performance toTake me home tonight”. It was pretty remarkable. Closing the show he really got the crowd shaking and snapping their fingers with “Shakin”.

KiKi! & Money aftershow

KiKi! & Money aftershow

Watching Eddie perform definitely makes one appreciate music and all the work that goes on to put the show together. This was not a show about glitz and glamor, no special effects, no absolutely crazy light shows…just the MUSIC.

After the show I met him for a quick moment outside of the lobby and was even able to snag a picture with him. He is actually very kind and humble. He was just so down to earth and seemed eager to talk to his fans, which I thought was pretty cool.

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