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Congress Serious About Budget Deficit? Don’t Make Me Laugh


budget (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

For around the last thirty years, I have heard Republicans talk about reducing the budget, but the reality is that this is nothing but talk. The only time they ardently desire to reduce the deficit in the budget is when there is a Democrat in office, and then, they only want to reduce the items that do not benefit them directly.

The reality is that the budget is bloated with a ton of stuff that can be cut, but it is not in the areas that the Republicans want to cut, nor is it in the areas that their propaganda will allow to be cut. For instance, why does Hunter Army Airfield exist? That airfield is in Savannah, Georgia. Fort Stewart is close by Hunter Army, and it could easily accommodate the planes that go in and out of Hunter Army without breaking a sweat. It isn’t as if Hunter Army is all that far away from Fort Stewart anyway.

There are tons of military contracts that do not penalize companies that deliberately lowball their estimates, and end up requiring tons of extra money in order to finish these projects. Why is it that the new F-35′s need two engines? Why wasn’t the first engine properly set up so that it could function everywhere?

For that matter, it is also time to demand that states pay their fair share. If a state doesn’t pay in, it doesn’t get out- and a state can only get back what it puts in. For instance, Vermont actually pays more into the Federally mandated projects than Texas does. So, strip down how much Texas gets.

Another way to cut down costs in the government is to incentivize the saving of money in each department. Rather than setting a cap or a floor on how much a department spends, reward departments if they do not spend their whole budget. For ages, departments were told that they had to spend everything or have their budgets cut the next year. Another thing is to give the departments the ability to cut useless projects, or at least bring projects to the attention of the Congress to have them cut. There are a lot of subsidies that we no longer need that go out because they benefit a particular member of Congress, but have nearly no benefit in terms of the economy and do not benefit the people as a whole.

How many companies out there get subsidies from the Federal Government that don’t actually need them and end up mostly using that money to pad their profits?

The reality is that the battle over the budget deficit isn’t actually about cutting the budget or bringing the budget under control.  It is about who gets the money that flows into the government- the corporations and rich or the regular citizens.  It’s about the selfishness of the Congressional Delegations who do not want to give up anything rather than about how to make the government actually work.

Do we actually want to be serious about the budget? Of course not. This isn’t the movie Dave, after all.



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