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Conservatives Have No Clothes On Mr. Erickson

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives Adore Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Erick Erickson of RedState and FOX News recently went on FOX to blast the national media for, as he feels, the bias in the media towards Liberals. This is an old line, in fact, and one that has been tried time and time again to varying degrees of success. However, Erickson also chose to go after Conservative media who he feels should be “working doubly hard to overcome that bias, [are] just yelling louder about the same things.”

He went on to say “The echo in the chamber has gotten so loud it is not well understood outside the echo chamber in the mainstream press and in the public. It translates only as anger and noise, neither of which are conducive to the art of persuasion.”

Michael Goldfarb of the Washington Free Beacon noted that the next generation of Conservative news pushers “want to be Rush Limbaugh. They want to be Bill Kristol. They want to be Charles Krauthammer. The model is not Woodward and Bernstein on our side.”

The Huffington Post
noted that Conservatives have been having trouble with getting the next generation to deal more in facts than opinions; however, everyone seems to miss the realities of why Conservative media is failing, and that is because of Conservative Ideas.

Has there ever been an actual argument backing why same-sex marriage is detrimental to society? No. This is part of the problem, in fact. Nearly all Conservative arguments are based upon a partial or complete lack of any facts.

Let us start with same-sex marriage. So far, no one has been able to come up with an academically authentic (that is held to an uncorrupt professional standard) study that does not rely upon fear mongering, religious beliefs, personal biases, or deception in order to explain how same-sex marriage hurts children and society. This lack of facts creates a problem for those pushing against marriage equality because, eventually, people realize that the “emperor has no clothes”.

The Conservative mentality is that these facts are inconvenient because the “truth” is greater. The problem is that the “truth” is a slippery argument in and of itself. Whose “truth”?

The argument about “truth” can be seen within the arguments about abortion. The main argument about abortion is that ‘life begins at conception.’ As noted on this site, that idea came about when the idea of men carrying around tiny little copies of humans inside their testes called homunculi was common place. It started out as a Catholic idea pushed by the Pope and lead to a belief that giving a man a blow job was cannibalism.

The problem is that this “truth” holds true only for certain religious beliefs. The Bible does not make it totally clear when life begins, but does say something about when blood flows. So, the Bible believes that life begins with either the first sign of life to the external world or at birth. Other religions, including Judaism, believe that life begins at different times. In fact, some religions and cultures do not see an infant as human until three months have passed since birth.

As with same-sex marriage, Conservatives have tried to come up with arguments that circumvent this problem of a lack of facts to uphold their truth. The problem is that their facts are often based on inaccurate and biased information. Thus, in order to try and attack the facts, they claim bias within the fact presenting organizations.

Admittedly, how one interprets facts becomes “truth” or, basically, opinion. We can demonstrably show that safe abortions and access to birth control coupled with economic prosperity leads to a reduction in the number of abortions being performed, and makes it possible for women to possibly have more children later. Marriage leads to stability and better lives for children. This is demonstrably so; however, what is also demonstrable is that the instability in same-sex couple’s lives due to a lack of marriage equality not only hurts children, but the wider economy.

On to economics. What, you thought I was only going to take on social issues?

The economic situations is a bit trickier. Part of this has to do with the fact that, on paper, a lot of ideas that the Republicans have make sense. For instance, if you give a lot of money to the rick people, they will spend it and it will make its way down the economic ladder. Even if all they do is invest it or put it into the bank, the economic cycle functions.

Of course, this takes out the human element. First of all, this works if- and only if- that money remains within the closed loop of a particular economic system. IF the American Economy was a closed loop with none of the money going outside the US, then that would actually work. This is part of why President Bill Clinton was able to raise revenue and get rid of the deficit during his Presidency. He closed out the amount of money going out of the system and into off shore tax haven accounts.

So long as economic systems force trickling down, then that theory works. This is demonstrable; in fact, it is a fact and not an opinion. So long as people aren’t hoarding money, the Capitalistic Free Market system works. The problem is, when it doesn’t work, it fails miserably.

Simply and demonstrably put, most humans are greedy, selfish, and self-absorbed. They will not do what is right for society unless they are required to do so.

The problem for Conservatives is that they do not want to critically examine their belief system in order to analyze it. Instead, they want to propagandize and push an agenda that doesn’t actually work because it is not based on facts. Instead, it is based on assumptions and “truths”. When Conservative pundits and reporters limit themselves to the demonstrable facts, what they find is that they have none that fit their system of thinking.

Literally, Conservativism is lacking any clothes.



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