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Can’t Finish the Big Game? Have a Cookie!

71880_10100301006786795_893225059_nWatching the internet while the big game was on was amusing, to say the least. First the score came through, then news that Alicia Keys‘ version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was the longest in game history, and then a disappointing performance from Beyonce.

But, in my opinion, the best part came from out of the dark. It seems that all the lights went out at once. (This was not the best part.) As the techies tried to figure out what happened, The Oreo Company (along with many computer-saavy fiends) was right on top of it with the jokes that came pouring onto the Net.

No one was expecting it, but Oreo was ready with this cute little advert, while promoting their #cookiethis Vs. #cremethis contest on Instgram.



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