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Ex-Gay Advocate Compares GSA’s To KKK, Skinheads


While, really, Gagnon is probably closer to a KKK member (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On last night’s Criminal Minds, CBS delved into the damaging world of ex-gay therapy. It is not surprising that the extreme end of the spectrum of what could happen due to ex-gay therapy was shown, but one of the biggest things that tends to happen with ex-gay therapy is that there is this overwhelming urge to pass it on and hurt other people, and these are people who will do anything they can in order to put an end to people accepting others for who they truly are.

Robert Gagnon is one of those close National Organization for Marriage allies who regularly speaks to them and advocates ex-gay therapy. He heads up the ex-gay spliter group called Restored Hope Network. They broke away from Exodus International after Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus, admitted that there is no cure for homosexuality.

Well, truth be told, there is a ‘cure’ for homosexuality- or more accurately the shame that goes along with being gay, and that is acceptance. Of course, for Gagnon, any acceptance is unacceptable, and he has now attacked Gay-Straight Alliances claiming that they are like the Ku Klux Klan, and Nazi Skinheads.

He stated:

More ridiculousness by Alan Chambers of Exodus (will it ever end?): Christian young people should respond to a “gay-straight alliance” in public school by going to such meetings “not to speak but to serve and listen and to offer to help, finding common ground.” There is no “speaking the truth in love” here (Eph 4:15). So if there is a “polyamory appreciation” group or “prostitutes for Christ” group or Ku Klux Klan / Nazi Skinhead group of “women abusers advocacy society” at a public school, Christian students should go to such meetings, not speak, but serve and find common ground? How can sane evangelical Christians support any longer any organization led by Alan Chambers? The man has become as “useful” to homosexualist advocacy as naive Western leftists of the 1920s to 1950s who extolled the virtues of Leninist and Stalinist Russia were useful to these dictatorial regimes.

Often times, anti-gay people love to wrap up their beliefs in their religion, and fail to grasp that this is what they are doing. They search for a way to justify their hatred, but usually do little more than find a way to do so with hatred. Ask someone like Gagnon to explain why being gay is wrong without- and this is important- without relying upon any kind of religious argument or falling back on fear-mongering, and they cannot. They cannot come up with accurate facts to justify their hatred.

In the end, it becomes a problem for the anti-gay groups. The hatred eventually becomes tiresome, and after a while, the fear-mongering no longer works. These are men who routinely cry wolf in order to get people to fall behind them, but eventually, everyone realizes that is all they are doing.



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