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GOP Blocks Hagel Vote Over Benghazi Tantrum

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska.

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one point, only the enemies of the United States would call out “death to America”, but recently the Republican Party has shown that this appears to be their primary motivation. Despite the fact that former Senator Chuck Hagel appears to be qualified to be Secretary of Defense, and despite getting everything that they wanted about the attack at Benghazi, the Republicans are threatening to filibuster the nomination of Hagel.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated that “It is tragic that they have decided to filibuster this qualified nominee. It is really unfortunate.” Many had assumed that the Republicans would allow a vote to happen on Hagel; however, the Republicans have been having a temper tantrum since losing the Presidency and Senate last year. Reid also stated “This isn’t high school getting ready for a football game, or some play being produced at a high school. In less than two hours, our country will be without a secretary of defense.”

Republicans have also been insisting on letting the Obama Administration take over control of nearly all aspects of the government as the cede control on issues such as the sequester and healthcare reform. They would rather be responsible for destroying what they can of the United States government rather than actually working with a black man.

Among the rationale for blocking the Hagel nomination is that Lindsay Graham, who is facing a possible assault on his seat from the Right, wants to know exactly everything that President Obama was doing on 11 September 2012 despite being told everything that the President was doing that night three times already. Graham is fishing for anything he can use to make political hay even though it has, so far, not worked very well.

Republicans also oppose Hagel because he dared to actually criticize former President George W. Bush over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reid has accused the Senate Republicans of “moving the goal posts at the last minute.” Graham and John McCain are both still demanding more information regarding the Benghazi attacks and are furious that a letter detailing Obama’s actions was sent to Senate Armed Services Committe Chair Senator Carl Levin.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated “We urge the Republicans in the Senate to drop their delay. There is a clear majority in the United States Senate for Senator Hagel’s confirmation. These delaying tactics are unconscionable, and they should end right away.”

The Democrats are two short of being able to force cloture and a vote on Hagel.

Graham and Lamar Alexander have said that they will vote for cloture after the President’s Day recess- which means the US will be without a Defense Secretary until the end of next week.



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