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Jess’ Smoke Break: 5 Jobs Everyone Should Do

slacker-girlWhile some of us go through our high school years completely reliant on Mom and Dad, and go to college on someone else’s dime (and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that) I believe there are 5 jobs that everyone should have AT LEAST ONCE in their lives to gain a little perspective.

5.) PHYSICAL LABOR: No, ladies, I’m not talking about squeezing out spawn. What I’m referring to is honest to goodness “earn-your-paycheck-in-sweat-and-bruises” work. From shoveling $h!t in a barn to constructing a house. Doing this kind of work will give you a whole new perspective on just why we pay those sun-kissed laborers so much money.

secretary_silhoette_typing.png4.) DESK WORK/RECEPTIONIST: Easy work, right? Sitting at a desk all day painting your toe nails and selling Avon? WRONG! Contrary to the pain your body goes through with the aforementioned physical labor, Desk Work opens your body to a whole new set of issues; Carpel Tunnel, Varicose Veins, Blood Clots, Sore Back, Poor Vision, etc…working in this field you gain a little insight into the life of the paper pusher without whom our whole system will collapse.

3.) CHILDCARE: Whether you have your own child(ren) or not, get drooled on, pooped on, and puked on by 7-10 kids for ONE DAY and you’ll gain a new kind of respect for the neighborhood babysitter.

french_maid_cartoon_1921535552.) HOUSEKEEPING: You may have read my “Tip Your Housekeeper” article. Everyone should have to clean someone else’s porcelain throne at least once in their lives, if not only to humble ourselves. All I’m saying is: clean a hotel for a week and you will never stay in one again without stripping the beds and leaving a tip (and comparing towel folding techniques of course).

*drum roll please*

waitress1.) FOOD SERVICE: Topping the charts at number one is food service. Nothing says humble like a nine hour shift with no break for $3 an hour in a starchy uniform getting buff shoulders from hauling 20 lb trays through a crowded room full of arrogant diners.  Whether you’re slinging drinks, toting trays, working the drive through, scrubbing the dishes, or slaving over a hot stove there’s two undeniable truths: people are picky as hell, and patience is a virtue that 90% of the general public does NOT possess.

Just make sure, no matter what job you have, you make time for a smoke break :-)



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