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King of the Nerds: SuperNerds Debate! (w/ Jay & Silent Bob as Judges!)

alana_card_374x523_100420120409This week on KotN was the SuperHero Challege. The Nerds were tested with a debate in front of a medium sized audience. The subjects all had to do with superheroes and how they relate to the “real” world. Everyone studied really hard, unaware of the surprise that awaited them. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Silent Bob & Jay) judged the Debate of Superhero Knowledge.

Virgil the Robot became a little more human, but he is currently in cyborg stage. Danielle got to bitch-slap Josh for being a lying …liar (with his full permission and witnesses) and they made up thanks to the wonders of Alcohol.

Genevieve and Alana get served up for the Nerd-Off, a series of comic book trivia questions. Genevieve’s arrogant Comic Book intellect won her the day, while outcast Alana’s usefulness finally ran out.

Tune in next week to TBS on Thursdays @ 10pm.



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