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Lesbian Sues Mars Chocolate North America For Wrongful Termination

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Gavel & Stryker (Photo credit: KeithBurtis)

Theresa Kwiecinski is suing Mars Chocolate North America claiming that she was terminated by her supervisors after they found out she was a lesbian. She is suing them for wrongful termination according to the suit filed in Superior Court in the town of Belvidere. Kwiecinski served as commercial manager for external manufacturing.

She explained in the filing that colleagues began to treat her differently after she introduced her partner and daughter to them at a 2011 work conference held in Florida. After the conference, Kwiecinski was given an “unreasonable” workload, and when she complained she was apparently told that “’well that’s the business now, we all have to work bigger jobs.’”

She also suffered issues during pregnancy which caused problems with her work performance and both appear to have resulted in her dismissal. Her attorney William Koy Jr stated “The complaint speaks for itself. My client is very disturbed for how she was treated at Mars, and we look forward to her day in court.”



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