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MUSIC BREAK: Hope Springs

We will survive.

We will survive.

Living in a small town, that is slowly dying while trying to revitalize itself, leaves one rather desperate when things get you down. People in my town work hard, raise families and try their hardest to just survive in this world, …just to get by. I’m no different. Unable to work in a “normal” job, can’t get paid for my artworks because I can’t draw with a computer (or afford the ones I might be able to draw with), raising my first child with my mate (who has been demoted down to Grunt work because of seizures), money is super-ultra tight, and things have never been this bad before.

thBut we get by! We always have Hope.

You never realize how important Hope is until its all you have left to get by on. “I Hope the money comes in today.”, “I Hope we can make the baby food stretch until the 1st of the month.”, “I Hope this won’t last forever.”, and most often “I Hope we can survive.”

So we survive. We ask, beg, sell, plead, borrow, trade, and get by. Thanks to others in my life that have been where we are— we survive. For today’s MB, I give you Hope.



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