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Music Mondays w/ K!K!: Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine

Richard Cheese with Andrew and Billy

Richard Cheese with Andrew & Billy (Photo credit: schmeebis)

Good morning, afternoon or evening ladies and gentleman, Richard Cheese is in the house!

So who is Richard Cheese? Richard Cheese (and his band, Lounge Against the Machine) are musical performers who do “lounge style” cover songs of pop songs, rock songs, and explicit rap songs! It gives a whole new twist to the some of the songs you already love (or hate) and makes you love (or hate them) even more by allowing you to listen to the lyrics in a whole new style and perspective. You will be sure to be snapping your fingers with his jazzy – swing take on songs you may already know.

It’s pretty cool. There is something awesome about hearing a man with talent sing  “All you mother f*ckers get up! Come on get down with the sicknes!” (by Disturbed) in the style of Lounge music. He adds humor to it making it that much more fun!

Richard Cheese

Although Cheese could be classified as a comedic parody singer and hearing this music is some what humorous, if you listen a little closer to the way he sings and his piano skills you will come to find this man is incredibly talented. -Think Frank Sinatra meets Billy Joel plus a lot of humor and profanity.

There are actually many cover bands out there who take songs and turn them into a whole new genre of music.  Such songs can be found on “Pop goes Punk”. These are musical artists who do punk and death metal versions of pop songs you hear on the radio (Think Taylor Swift gone Death Metal) It’s all in good fun.

Lounge Against the Machine

So if you’re looking for a fun new way to put yourself in a new “happy place” or even a new way to drive your friends crazy (all in good fun, of course) jam out with some Richard Cheese! Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine have released 14 albums since 2000. His music can be seen and heard on iTunes, on YouTube and in stores. You can also check him out at

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