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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S3E12 “Games Ponies Play” Recap

The current logo for My Little Pony

The current logo for My Little Pony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Are you absolutely sure you can do this…”

Okay, today’s My Little Pony actually coincides with the last episode. This is rather interesting. Ah, but we get to see Dashie’s father…and we now know that her father is how she got her rainbow mane.

In this episode, we see the Mane Six fighting to get the Crystal Empire the Equestria Games. This must be akin to the Olympics.

“Two four six eight” SMASH…oh well…Oh poor Dashie, she seems to be overdoing it again….Apparently Princess Cadence is now the ruler of the Crystal Empire, and apparently the Equestria Games inspector is arriving early, and apparently they managed to get the wrong pony lol. Of course there were two ponies with the floral print luggage.

Overall, this appears to be a rather standard episode.

Twilight Sparkle apparently started to gather that this pony was the wrong pony, but Dashie keeps convincing her that this simple pony is actually Harshwhinny. Of course, the poor pony that they that they mistook for Harshwhinny isn’t doing well in the palace.

Of course, there is a huge problem with Cadence’s mane…and the poor pony they shanghaied ended up running rampant. Oy vey….and they finally figure out that they got the wrong pony.

Oh, Pinkie, pastry doesn’t solve everything.

And, of course, things still goes well because Harshwhinny get a great explanation of what the welcome was suppose to be. And right back to the last episode.

All together, it wasn’t a bad episode. Fun overall.

Next week will be the season finale.

The good news is that we now know that the fourth season will have a total of 26 episodes.



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