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My Little Pony: Season 4 Yes, Spin-off “Equestria Girls” & Doctor Whooves

Sigh…alright, the first big question that has been running rampant around the web seems to be whether or not there will be a fourth season of My Little Pony. Certainly “Magical Mystery Cure” seemed to wrap things up in a nice little bow, but that doesn’t seem to be the end of the series. In fact, there is a season four, and it will be a full 26 episodes. This is good news for fans who have griped a bit because of the quality of the third season, which seemed to suffer from a lack of time.

However, for those who are interested and willing, there is a spinoff series that seems to tap into the rampant number of humanized Ponies out there. Equestria Girls has been confirmed, as noted at Equestria Daily. They noted that “A short while ago we received a scan of an industry magazine given out at Toy Fair which details a fairly big section on MLP. Within this blurb contains information about the Equestria Girls IP that we have heard inklings about and if the article is to be trusted it looks like humanized ponies are indeed a reality.”


The show will be launching this upcoming spring, and it is likely that neither show will have much more than a passing connection.

And, finally…

Just as pure speculation to throw out there…

We are entering into the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who. As many bronies and pegasisters know, Doctor Who has made some rather passing entrances into the world of Equestria, usually as background characters all having an hourglass as a cutie mark.

It would be wonderful if Hasbro and the BBC got together to, well, do something with these background characters as just a bit of fun to honor one of the longest running fandoms in television:




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