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NOM Pledges $500k To Vote Out MN Marriage Equality Supporters

National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the bigotry cave! The National Organization for Marriage has issued a warning to any Republicans who dare to vote for same-sex marriage in Minnesota that they will spend some $500,000 to defeat them. They have also said they would spend money to support any Democrats who voted against it. NOM has tried this before, with mixed results, in New York; however, this bounty is down from the $2 million that they spent to defeat New York state senators who voted for marriage equality.

Minnesota is moving towards possibly legalizing same-sex marriage this year after defeating a constitutional attempt to ban same-sex marriage. NOM spent $2 million on that race only to fail miserably. In fact, last November, they failed in all four marriage equality related races across the nation.

Branden Petersen has signaled his support for marriage equality. NOM claims that the move is a career-ender for Republicans; however, in several states where NOM has tried to unseat Republicans who have supported marriage equality, they have failed. All that has to happen is for the LGBT Community to support those Republicans as they did in Vermont where only one lawmaker who supported marriage equality went down in the following election.



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