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NOM Poll- Elderly Catholic Women Want Vote On Marriage Equality In RI

National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rhode Island Chapter for the National Organization for Marriage or NOMRI released the results of a poll that they commissioned supposedly showing that most Rhode Islanders favor the idea of putting same-sex marriage on the ballot. The poll of 401 registered voters found that 74% of the voters believe that the “definition of marriage should be decided by the voters of Rhode Island.”

The poll is a rather obvious attempt, as usual, by the NOM to try and derail the process of getting marriage equality pushed through in Rhode Island. IT also apparently showed that 55% of the voters believed that the assembly should not work on marriage equality despite the fact that the lack of full marriage equality in the state is hurting their economy.

Also showing off the inaccuracy of the poll, the majority of those polled were women over the age of fifty and Catholic or Christian. 54% of those polled were women, 71% were over the age of 50 and 71% were Catholic or Christian.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling’s last survey from late January showed that 57% of Rhode Islanders support marriage equality.

NOM has a history of using push polling and propaganda polling to try and legitimize their position. Furthermore, while they are claiming that they would like to take it to a vote, the last time they took marriage equality to a vote they lost three out of three contests.




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