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Police Officer Shuts Down Highway to Save Dog

Cujo with Owner Don

Just when you think the only dog stories coming out of Texas are the horrific kind, along comes someone like La Porte Police Officer Kyle Jones. This past Monday an aged miniature rat terrier named Cujo slipped out of his front door and took off for a walk on his own. His owners, Don & Diwanna Zapalac, organized a neighborhood search but gave up after an hour when it started to rain. They hoped that Cujo, who hates the rain, would come home on his own.

That was apparently what he was trying to do when he encountered an obstacle: the multi-lane Spencer Highway. He actually stepped onto the roadway, and was probably moments from being roadkill, when Officer Jones spotted him.

Jones hit his lights and pulled his car across the highway to stop traffic. He then got out and coaxed the wet dog into his arms. One of the drivers he stopped took the photo of him and the dog, posting it on Reddit, where it proceeded to go viral.

Officer Jones & Cujo

Officer Jones & Cujo

Fortunately, Cujo had his collar and tag on, which enabled the animal control officer to locate his owners. They were reunited shortly thereafter.

Jones and his wife, who is also in law enforcement, have two rescue dogs in their family. One of them was rescued from a similar situation on another Texas highway.

For more on this story, click here for KHOU 11 News‘s coverage.


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