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Pope Benedict Quitting Due To Gay Vatican Lobby?

English: Pope Benedict XVI in Italy

English: Pope Benedict XVI in Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the Vatileaks scandal, Pope Benedict XVI commissioned a report designed to root out all sorts of things within the Vatican. While the former head of the Inquisition may have been chomping at the bit to purge the world of un-Catholic thoughts, Benedict had been remiss in trying to do the same internally, and it is being alleged that his decision to resign has to do with his unwillingness to tackle the rot within the Vatican hierarchy.

What the report found is that there are various lobbies within the Holy See which are constantly breaking the sixth and seventh commandments specifically. That is, they are committing adultery and stealing. The sixth commandment is part of the justification used by the Vatican for keeping priests celibate, and for opposing homosexuality. The report will now be given to Benedict’s successor.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi released a statement saying that “Neither the cardinals’ commission nor I will make comments to confirm or deny the things that are said about this matter. Let each one assume his or her own responsibilities. We shall not be following up on the observations that are made about this.”

It is not surprising that this is something that is going on. In 2010, La Republica out of Italy reported on several members of the Vatican being involved in a gay prostitution ring, and there have been numerous other scandals involving priests’ sexual proclivities not involving children including one Catholic priest who left for the Anglican Church after his long time affair with a woman came to light.



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