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Something Rotten Happening In The Chicago Archdiocese

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By The Rainbow Sash Coalition
There is something deeply disturbing going on in the Archdiocese of Chicago around the issue gay and lesbian youth in Catholic homes. Not satisfied with trying to stop Gay Marriage the Cardinal is now turning his focus on PFLAG. He believes PFLAG is too political, and does not want any Catholic Parish identified with it. Therefore he has called for a meeting to take place this Tuesday, February 12, at Old St. Patrick’s to develop a Catholic PFLAG.

The issue of concern for me is with LBGT children and not the image of Church. Remember it was with such a concern that the clergy sexual abuse was able devoir young lives, with all the good intentions of those who worked for the church, and yet this abuse was able flourish in parishes around our nation. Once again children are being put on the altar of sacrifice for the Church’s image.

The Cardinal has shown no concern for the homeless LGBT Kids, what makes anyone think that he will show such loving concern for LGBT kids from Catholic homes within the Archdiocese. Or, that he would put their care ahead of the Catholic Catechism that clearly says those children are morally disordered.

Those parents like the other parents in the sexual abuse arena will trust the Church. How many times have trusting parents turned over their children to the Church only to have that trust betrayed?.

An additional concern, spiritual molestation; having the Church’s Teaching placed on their young shoulders at time in their lives that should be wondrous, and not fear filled with identity issues. It will not get better for these LGBT kids, their dignity will be ripped from them in name of Catholic orthodoxy.

Even in the anti-bullying program of the Archdiocesan Catholic School system the word Gay cannot be used. Remember this Cardinal supports “Courage” a Catholic Organization that is part of the Ex Gay Movement.

No one can have missed the fact that the Archdiocese under the leadership of Cardinal George was, and is anti-gay. If the institutional Church is unable or unwilling, to confront the homophobia within its own ranks how can any reasonable and responsible Catholic view the Cardinals actions as anything but homophobic, when it comes to what is in the best of interest these innocents?

I say shame on those in the Archdiocese that are enabling this scheming form of homophobia under the umbrella of good intentions. Are you clueless? PFLAG is a fine organization whose parents have no other agenda than their children’s welfare. One has to ask why the Archdiocese wants to reinvent the wheel? Is it truly in the best interest of these LGBT children in Catholic homes?



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