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State of the Union #5

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The State of the Union address to a joint session of the United States Congress in the packed chamber of the House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past week, the pundits and commentators have been talking about Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. The conversations have been part educated guess and part wishful thinking.

So, in the spirit of the week, I’d like to forego the “educated guess” part and just lay out what I wish the President would say on Tuesday night:

(Greeting to everyone) “In accordance with Article 2, Section 3 of the United States Constitution, we are gathered here tonight for a report on the state of the Union. This is the fifth time I have appeared before you for this purpose. The state of our union is very simply reported – we are crawling through a very sluggish recovery.

Traditionally, the State of the Union Address is used by Presidents to put forward ideas that the administration would like to see enacted by Congress. I have done this four times already. I don’t see any point in repeating myself. There is only one new issue before us, and I have already stated what I would like for legislation to help stem the gun violence in America.

We have several examples in our history of the right ways and the wrong ways to recover economically. This administration has tried to follow the proven path to recovery, only to be thwarted in our attempts by those who wish us to follow the austerity policies that have pushed Europe into double-dip recessions and new depressions. The American people spoke in November. The majority of them want to move forward, not back to some imaginary better time. For everything that this administration would like to do to invest in our nation’s future, I refer you to my previous State of the Union addresses. Go to White House dot Gov and you can either watch the speeches or read the transcripts.

Thank you, God bless America and good night.”

I’d love to see Senator Rubio try to respond to that.




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