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Tally Ho! Catholic Church Attacks Marriage Equality In Delaware

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English: St. Hedwig’s Roman Catholic Church, Wilmington, Delaware, on the NRHP since November 12, 1982. At Linden and S. Harrison Sts., Wilmington, DE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Delaware moves towards marriage equality, the Catholic Church is panicking. Bishop Francis Malooly of Wilmington, Delaware has gone on the offensive attacking marriage equality in Delaware, and, of course, doing his level best to erase lesbians and gays from existence.

Malooly used a pastoral letter to claim that anyone seeking to change marriage- and thus the whole of society- was doing so for selfish reasons:

We live in a society in which these good purposes of marriage are not well understood. We live in a society that has driven wedges between sex, marriage, and procreation – a society that has separated what God has joined together. We live in a society that has increasingly embraced the notion that marriage is about adult life-style choices. Many have forgotten that children are its most precious fruit and an essential part of its meaning. Children contribute “very substantially to the welfare of their parents” in the words of the Second Vatican Council. In a world that tends to see children as an economic burden or a life-style choice, the Council reminds us of the joy and humanizing challenge that children bring to adults. In caring for children adults gain not only love and affection but high purpose and growth in character.

If unrestrained romanticism damages marriage so also does its opposite – the individualism, isolation, and plain selfishness of our era. Out of fear or because of the pursuit of other goals fewer people are marrying. This has led to a host of often unrecognized problems, not least of which is the withholding of the gift of new life. Living according to God’s design for life and love does not mean that couples cannot plan their families. They can do so in moral and responsible ways. But fear of marriage and parenthood and the relentless pursuit of pleasure and economic advancement threaten authentic happiness and the fabric and future of society itself.

Ah…Fifteenth Century marriage thinking. It is so refreshing to have this idea that women need to pop out a dozen children, sit at home and take care of the children while the husband is out doing things like chopping wood, screwing prostitutes, and drinking excessive amounts of bad ale.

Of course, the attacks on same-sex marriage are actually rather weird given that there are many lesbian and gay couples who have children, and not always from previous marriages. In fact, there are many families lead by two women or two men cisgender or transgender.

In fact, it seems like the big problem with the Church is childless couples and divorce. But, then again, they never actually go after those.



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2 Responses to Tally Ho! Catholic Church Attacks Marriage Equality In Delaware

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  2. Scott Rose

    February 4, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Deport the bishop to the Vatican and then deny him entry visas to Italy and the United States. What part of keep-your-filthy-religious-gay-bashing-bigot-fingers-off-of-our-civil-laws do these Christofascists not understand?