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Top Chef: Seattle Ep 16 Finale Pt 1 Recap, Finale Pt 2 Preview

Top-Chef-2011-bilan-des-recettes-publicitaires-de-la-telerealite-culinaireAnd then there were three…again.

It is down to Brooke and Sheldon and…whoever the winner of Last Chance Kitchen is. We are nearly to the end of Top Chef: Seattle, which is kind of sad, really. Kristen, Lizzie and Josh battled it out on Last Chance Kitchen with Josh heading home to his new daughter and recovering wife.

So, who won? Who is going home?

So, everyone went home for six months to rest and get ready for the finale. Sheldon returned to the restaurant and worked on his technique. So we start out with a bit of down home memories. For Brooke, coming home means having to do some work on being a mother and not just a chef. For Brooke, she would rather spend her days cooking and she often feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities of having to run two restaurants.

It is, in the end, there are actually three, so…the winner of LCK is, of course, Kristen. For many fans, Kristen’s elimination was a travesty given that the actual reason why Kristen got eliminated is because of Jose’s screw ups; however, Kristen fell on her own sword and took responsibility.

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The three chefs have to act as the chefs inside Tom’s own restaurant, Craft. They have to come up with their own menu, and have to create three courses. Brooke is having trouble coming up with what she wants to do given the plethora of wonderful ingredients. In fact, she seems to be seizing up a bit as if she has been out of practice.

For Kristen, she talked about the fact that she had no time to over think, and the over thinking was the problem that she had always had. In fact, it was part of what got her eliminated the first time. Brooke is having a very hard time getting things sorted out, and was falling badly behind. Sheldon had trouble with desert.

Things were moving fast for them, but apparently there are some problems with each of the chefs with problems occurring. Brooke kept having problems with how fast she could move. Apparently, Tom was scary as the expediter that Kristen actually peed herself a little…which is embarrassing to admit on national television. Sheldon apparently went wrong with his decision to go with quail. And now for desert….

Brooke’s desert apparently wowed the judges, but she doesn’t seem to be doing well with moving as fast as she could in the kitchen. Kristen’s desert doesn’t seem to have gone over well while Sheldon’s fresh fennel did not go over all that well either.

So, on to judgement…

Each of the chefs seemed to actually know what their biggest issues of the night was. Sheldon’s first dish got some good praise, and the quail he did well, but the judges were not happy about how different his dishes were so different from the rest of the season. Kristen’s appetizer apparently was rather one note, and her main course was mostly alright, and they felt her desert was just never fully developed. Brooke’s appetizer came out rather well, but her timing was very off, and she knew it. Her main course with the short ribs were wonderful according to the judges. Her desert got a lot of praise. The biggest problem apparently was the feeling that she couldn’t quite get her timing done right.

So, who gets cut? Who gets sent back to pack their knives to go home.

The judges all felt that everyone was a bit unfocused, but the biggest praise seemed to be for Brooke. If I had to guess (ahead of the announcement) it would be Sheldon going home for straying so far from his comfort zone and making dishes that seemed to fall flat.

So, slow vs lacking vs safe?

Padme’s voice broke as she said “Sheldon…please pack your knives”.

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Sheldon fell short, and it is sad to see him go even though each of them would have been that way. But good luck to Sheldon as he goes forward.

So, one more week. How will it go as it goes before a life studio audience. You can see that here:



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