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Valentine’s Day Stupidity

487821_10151748143547796_345900708_nI’ve never seen a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Maybe its because most of mine were spent single. In high school my male friends and I wore black armbands to show our disdain for the holiday.We were told that we had to take them off because they were inappropriate, which I never understood.

The few Valentine’s Days where I had someone in my life to appreciate me and our relationship, they usually ended up throwing something small together at the last minute that turned out being my mother forking over cash that never got paid back so I would have something on this special day. I love my mom. Even if the relationships didn’t work out, she always makes sure that I have something on this day. She’s awesome like that. ;D

Its that little effort she puts forth that has made me a snob about this “romantic holiday”. I don’t want store-bought gifts. I want effort put in. Cook me dinner, clean without me asking, do something that shows me that my love isn’t wasted on someone who can’t show me that they care. If my love is one-sided, please tell me before I get my hopes up.

539504_10151310436588226_1711502929_nI’m a romantic at heart. I like home-cooked meals for 2. I like going for romantic walks. I like love notes scribbled on scratch paper left in my wallet. These are brief, romantic gestures that would bring a smile to my face, make me know I’m loved and appreciated and COSTS NOTHING, but a little effort. Why is this so hard for people?

So I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I am a big fan of love and efforts done to show it. Today and tonight, I wish you all the best and hope that your love shows their love.



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