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Vatican Lashes Out At Media Over Gay Lobby Story

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English: Emblem of Vatican City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Vatican leapt into action over rumors that there was some kind of influential gay network coupled with financial mismanagement that lead to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. While Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi claimed that the allegations were incorrect, he did not confirm nor deny the existence of a report into such possibilities, nor did he dispute the popular description of the findings.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica broke the story about the report which they have claimed was commissioned by Benedict following the Vatileaks scandal.

Lombardi blasted the newspaper on Vatican Radio Saturday and questioned the motives of their editors and the newspapers that are reporting the story. He claimed that the media hopes to influence the selection of the next pope. Lombardi stated “There is no lack, in fact, of those who seek to profit from the moment of surprise and disorientation of the spiritually naive to sow confusion and to discredit the Church and its governance, making recourse to old tools, such as gossip, misinformation and sometimes slander, or exercising unacceptable pressures to condition the exercise of the voting duty on the part of one or another member of the College of Cardinals, who they consider to be objectionable for one reason or another.”

He went on to say
“Those who present themselves as judges, making heavy moral judgments, do not, in truth, have any authority to do so. Those who consider money, sex and power before all else and are used to reading diverse realities from these perspectives, are unable to see anything else.”

Lombardi has been trying to put the kibosh on the coverage of the report, but few seem surprised at the idea that there is a lot of corruption within the Vatican’s hierarchy. The Vatican is known for trying to keep their actions a secret while pretending that they are not doing anything wrong.



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