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WATCH THIS: “Unicorn Plan-It”, a For/By Lesbian Web Series

5b3277_48de9cb45a88095d91f20d9bc68e4a44.jpg_srz_398_530_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWelcome to Unicorn Plan-It, where work and play always lead to LOLs. The hit comedic web series, now in its second season, is part Modern Family and part The Office…but more lesbionic.

Business and pleasure overlap at this lesbian event planning company run out of a Los Angeles home office where almost anyone is likely to walk through the door– either in for a job, or out from the night before. Memorable characters and catchy lines have garnered Unicorn Plan-It a loyal following, star-studded cameos like Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, a YouTube partnership with Fullscreen, and attention from the Outlander series at SxSW, where it will screen this spring.

This series is made by and for lesbians, so we are confident our fans will be theirs too. Please enjoy the latest episode, “Across the YOUniverse.”



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