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What Not To Wear If You Are Transgender

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The logo of The Learning Channel’s What Not to Wear (US version). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of years ago I stopped watching TLC’s What Not To Wear.  After five years, it was too much repetition.  So it was just because of that cruise ship taking up MSNBC’s line-up that I was surfing last night and found the show again — this time with the one twist I’d always wanted to see.  The make-over was for a transgendered woman.

For a transgender in almost any stage of evolution, the show is worth watching.  The body issues are the same for most male-to-female transgendered persons — no curves, no hips, no idea what to wear that doesn’t end up looking drag-queen-ish.  Stacey London and Clinton Kelly were perfectly at ease with Casey and highly supportive, focusing a great deal on making her see that her body issues were not unique to transgendered women.

To see the episode, go to, click on “videos” and scroll down to What Not To Wear.  The episode title references ‘Casey’s pajamas.’  Knowing what my daughter and so many of her friends have gone through, it is really worth watching. 



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One Response to What Not To Wear If You Are Transgender

  1. Jessica

    February 15, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    I’ve been waiting years to see an episode like this. Thank you for posting about it.

    I will say though that in my experience as trans, the most accepted way to talk about trans people is to use transgender as a adjective. A transgender man/woman/person. Transgender isn’t a noun (not “a transgender”). It also isn’t a verb (so saying “transgendered” is also considered a problem). For reference, is a good resource for terms.

    I hope I can see this episode soon.