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Why Are Marriage Advocates Labeled Hateful? That’s Because They Are.

A lesbian couple married in San Francisco in 2004

A lesbian couple married in San Francisco in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Organization for Marriage has a new video that they’re busy shilling from someone named Anna Maria who, apparently, feels that “it’s ridiculous that people should be labeled with words like ‘hateful’, ‘homophobic’, ‘heteronormative’ and ‘bigot’ for wanting to restore a culture of marriage to society.” Of course, her entire rationale appears to be based on not actually thinking through what is wrong with marriage.

The rationales behind denying loving same-sex couples the right to marry in this nation mirror almost exactly the rationales given for why two people of different skin colors were denied the right to get married nearly half a century ago. They actually have nothing to do with the problems facing married couples, and that is why these people advocating for the “culture of marriage” are hateful, homophobic bigots who push a heteronormative view on the world.

The reality is that marriage’s problems come not from expanding the rights so that lesbians and gays can marry, but rather come from a variety of issues like economic stability, restrictions on married couple access to government programs, and other social factors including those who are constantly claiming that marriage is some kind of exclusive club that only straights should belong to.

In fact, one of the biggest detriments to marriage comes from within the male-centered society that first of all pushes men not to get married by deglamorizing marriage for straight men. Meanwhile, society also pushes this idea that marriage should be a system where men dominate women instead of working in partnership.

In fact, the people who are the most guilty of destroying marriage are the people like Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and now this Anna Maria.



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2 Responses to Why Are Marriage Advocates Labeled Hateful? That’s Because They Are.

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  2. Scott Rose

    February 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    The heterosupremacist delusion is as bad as the master race delusion.