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Arizona Committee Passes Anti-Transsexual Bathroom Bill

Arizona home of the "Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty" Bill

Arizona home of the “Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty” Bill

An Arizona House committee has approved a watered down vill that would have made it a crime for transsexuals to use the correct bathroom. The bill put out by Representative John Kavanagh was ditched in favor of one that would allow individual businesses to ban transsexuals from using the right bathroom despite the fact that it tends to be almost impossible to know who is or is not transsexual.

As several transsexual activists have noted, in their long lives living in the correct sex and gender, they have never had an incident regarding someone complaining about them using the bathroom. Patty Medway, a transsexual woman, noted that she has been using female bathrooms for years without problems. She called on Kavanagh to back away from the efforts. She stated that “I’ve been using washrooms for 15 years and I don’t want to be discriminated against, and I’m scared to go to a male washroom.”

The committee voted 7 to 4 along party lines to advance the “Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty” bill.

By and large, transsexuals are very cautious about locker rooms and bathrooms even though there have been a couple of controversial incidents involving transsexuals appearing naked in places that have caused problems.

The hearing was attended by numerous people and advocates from the LGBT Community who cried “shame” when the vote went through. Kavanagh claims that he had listened to the criticism of the bill, but revised it to shield businesses from lawsuits and he claims protecting people from being exposed to “naked men in women’s locker rooms and showers.” Of course, with that statement, Kavanagh shows his ignorance about transsexuality and women’s washrooms.

As Medway pointed out “In ladies washrooms, they’re all stalls, they are segmented.”

Andre Banks, a NY-based spokesman for All Out, stated “These sort of tabloid attacks around bathroom behavior are largely overblown. Often these sort of great fears that people bring up never come to fruition. But what is very real is the kind of violence, discrimination and intimidation that transgender people face all across this country.”

Tuscon Democratic Representative Stefanie Mach called the proposal “an unnecessary response” and said “It’s just over the top.”

Given the variety of bodies that cis-sex women and men have, it can be nearly impossible to tell if someone is or is not transsexual without seeing their private bits. This bill would require business owners to require that all women and men disrobe before allowing them to use the bathroom.

To date, the only incident to hit the national new occurred in Washignton State where a transsexual woman disrobed completely in a women’s locker room causing a great deal of controversy. Most transsexuals are very reluctant to completely disrobe in any public situation.



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5 Responses to Arizona Committee Passes Anti-Transsexual Bathroom Bill

  1. Dani

    April 1, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    This will also cause even more problems for trans men and women. Can you imagine what would happen if Buck Angel used the restroom tied to his birth sex? Every single time he goes to the bathroom, it will cause him to be harassed. BTW, google his name but be careful as he is a porn star. But you will get the point right off the bat.

  2. Angella-Dee

    March 29, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Wow. It always amazes me that Uk is supposed to be 10 years behind the USA? Looks like the other way around. I cant even call the Arizona republicans childish as even children have more understanding of transsexual identities!

    • Teresa

      April 11, 2013 at 8:45 am

      It has nothing to do with being childish. It’s being bigoted and you’ll notice that even in the UK there’s no shortage of those.

  3. Zoe Brain

    March 28, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    The main victims of this bill will be Butches. The new version of the bill doesn’t target Trans and Intersex people specifically, it targets EVERYONE who doesn’t conform to strict gender stereotypes.

    I don’t think that RadFems realise this – that they’ll be the main victims. Or maybe they consider it a small price to pay, as long as their Transphobic aims are achieved.

  4. Pat Carbonell

    March 28, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    It’s just common sense that as long as you are pre-op, you use a stall. They have them in men’s bathrooms, too. Locker rooms almost always have curtained changing areas and showers for the body-shy. Unless you’re bent on creating controversy and negative backlash, keep the intimate details of your privates just that… private.

    And once you’re post-op, who the hell can tell what you were born with? Your outside will match your inside, and to hell with the bigots!