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Cardinal O’Brien Brought Down By His Long Time Lover?

Keith Patrick Cardinal O'Brien

Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

It has been said that there are two kinds of people who ignore the laws- those who make them, and those who break them. It should not be surprising, then, that there are probably many gay clergy in the Catholic Church because this was a place where they could hide away from social obligations to have children and have many like-minded men to engage with. Thus, it is not surprising to now hear that Cardinal Keith O’Brien had a “longstanding physical relationship” with one of the men who has recently brought about his downfall.

Before the recent conclave that elected Pope Francis I, Cardinal O’Brien resigned after it was revealed that there had been several complaints to the Vatican about his sexual behavior towards his fellow priests during the 1980′s. Now, it is being claimed that the 75-year-old had engaged in more than a bit of ill-timed or unwanted advances against other priests.

A man had sought to tell the media about the relationship, but was advised not to by a bishop. The man was, apparently, a frequent visitor to the Cardinal’s official residence, St. Benets.

Cardinal O’Brien’s alleged lover now works on the mainland
“in a post the cardinal helped him secure.” The two were apparently in contact for a long time, and only recently appear to have had a falling out. There are allegations that Cardinal O’Brien sexually harassed several of his fellow members of the Clergy.

While it is unlikely that the Roman Catholic Church is going to change their tune on homosexuality, one has to wonder what kind of sense of entitlement the Church wants to keep hidden. It is quite obvious that the Church wants to keep homosexuality for itself, which makes one wonder whether or not they feel that homosexuality is far less of a distasteful sin than they claim in public.

The rampant homophobia that is pushed by the Church was once exemplified by Cardinal O’Brien. The Cardinal had spoken harshly and attacked repeatedly any attempt to legalize same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, the public face of the Church seems unwilling to bend on this issue and many others.



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