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Christine Quinn, Open Lesbian NYC Council Speaker, Running For Mayor

English: This is a headshot photograph taken o...

English: This is a headshot photograph taken of New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn by her photographer William Alatriste (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not a surprise that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will be running for Mayor of New York City. Should she win, she would become the first openly lesbian or gay person to not only run that city, but be the first to run such a large city. Currently, Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, Texas holds that distinction.

Quinn has long been seen as the leading contender for the mayorship. In a video linked on her Twitter account, Quinn stated “I’m running for mayor because I love this city. It’s the greatest place in the world.”

She is doing a walk-and-talk tour of every neighborhood in the city ahead of the Democratic Primary this September. She start in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood where she was greeted by supporters carrying signs reading “Christine Quinn for Mayor.”

Before beginning her tour, Quinn told reporters that “I’m running today and I’ll stack my record against anybody else’s in this field. … I balance budgets on time, and I had the wisdom in the first three years I was speaker, when there were surpluses, to not spend that money.”

After greeting everyone, she noticed a rather bedraggled-looking man on a sidewalk bench. She went up to him and said “Hi, I’m Christine Quinn and I’m running for mayor.” He said to her, after looking a little puzzled, “I need some change.” Unfortunately, she didn’t have any change to give.

Somehow that scene is going to come back later in the campaign.

Quinn, who is 46, recently married her long time partner. She began in politics as a tenant organizer and the director of an LGBT group. She has been on the City Council since 1999 and lead it since 2006. She currently leads against her fellow Democrats, and has a considerable lead against any Republicans who could challenge her. However, should she win, she would be the first Democrat since 1989 to win office.



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