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Churches Begin Harassing Kentucky LGBT Group For Opposing Bigotry Bill

Flag of Kentucky

Flag of Kentucky

In the hours, days, months and years following the collapse of segregation in the South, many racists sought to find a way to prevent any further intrusion into their religiously justified bigotry and finally struck on a tactic that they are desperately trying to push today- that of claiming that any change in the law violates their religious freedoms. This fight has been going on in Kentucky of late.

In order to try and pressure the Kentucky Equality Federation into dropping their opposition to House Bill 279, aka the Religious Imposition Act, groups of hate and fear mongers have begun bombarding the KEF’s toll-free number with threats against their members. Well, the KEF would like these bigots to know something- you’re being watched.

Jordan Palmer of the KEF issued this statement to these guys:

All in-coming telephone calls to our toll-free number are documented, you cannot block your telephone number, our current toll-free provider overrides the block.

Is this Christian behavior? No.

As a true Christian, I am horrible shaken by this behavior. This behavior will not be tolerated and is being turned over to the Kentucky State Police.

The KEF is adamant that Kentucky lawmakers must first define what a ‘burden’ is under HB 279. The language is being deliberately kept vague so as to allow for discriminatory behavior. As such, the law can be used to not only allow for so-called Christians to engage in racial discrimination if their churches believe that Blacks are inferior to Whites, and allow “Christians” to discriminate by refusing to hire women. The bill was pushed as a way to prevent groups from being forced to accept lesbians and gays in terms of hiring and housing. (corrected ‘shaven’ into ‘shaken’)



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