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Doctor Who “Bells of Saint John” Prequel Webisode & Some Commentary

Bells of Saint John“And it always begins with the same two words. . .”

In fact, it was not until the second serial that the words “Doctor Who” were uttered on screen. Sorry, I am slowly getting my Doctor Who collection together including the very first three serials.

So, stay calm human scum as we dive into the newest episode of Doctor Who. . .

Oh and bow ties are cool…at least twenty percent cooler when straightened out, in fact.

So, as I write this we begin with a warning about ‘wifi’. Utoh…and that’s how I’ll be posting this. Luckily, I’ve never actually clicked that alien language…and welcome to The Bells of Saint John. So, just to start with, here’s something important:

Now, The Doctor has been told that the ‘bells of Saint John’ are ringing, and what does it mean? It is the 13th century, and for the first time the doctor is actually having to use his telephone box as, well, a telephone box! Somehow, Clara calls the TARDIS…which, btw, has St. John’s Ambulance written on it.

And yes, it is a surprisingly accurate description of what the TARDIS is- it is a mobile phone. It moves rather a lot. So, The Doctor has arrived to meet up with Clara, and Clara doesn’t know where she is, or what is going on. Though, apparently Amelia Williams nee Pond does have a career. The Doctor arrives reverses the process and brings back Clara. . .

Alright. The show is a lot of fun so far. The usual mixture of humor and action. In fact, this episode reintroduces a villain that has only had one appearance in the series since the Second Doctor- and that was very recently. For those who have not seen tonight’s Doctor Who, I am not going to spoil it, but it appears that this season is going to be a lot of fun.

This shall be a fun season. I definitely enjoyed it, and I hope you all enjoyed the lead in youtube episode-let.

OKAY…this was crap. I mean, sorry, but I got very distracted by the show.



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