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GLAAD To Tackle Transgender Potrayal In The Media

glaad-logo-260x260GLAAD is, apparently, going to be adding transgender advocacy to their mission, even though they will still be GLAAD. Perhaps it would be better to just change the name to something like QPAAD- Queer People Allied Against Defamation. I also have to be honest that I’m not sure that I actually feel that transgender people need protections- a sentiment that will, undoubtably, anger many people. Still, more on that later.

GLAAD spokesman Rich Ferraro told MSNBC that “This is a reflection of the work we’re doing today, and a reflection of the work the gay and lesbian community needs to be doing,” GLAAD spokesman Rich FerrarOur name was hindering that in many instances.”

Ferraro also said that “There have been huge increases in support for gay and lesbians, and for marriage equality. We’ve noticed that trend and wondered how we could use the tactics that the gay and lesbian community had used to get to today’s tipping point [for the trans community].”

Actress Laverne Cox stated “I was happy to hear GLAAD has committed to prioritize trans issues. They really need to be.”

People who do not fit into the normal gender spectrum are often victims of physical violence. GLAAD has spent years working to stomp out negative portrayals of lesbians and gays, and now wishes to do this for transgender people as well.

Here is the segment from Melissa Harris-Perry:

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Now, quite honestly, I do not feel that transgender individuals deserve protections. I know that I am going to get a lot of hate mail for that statement.

The thing is, I am not transgender. I have been female all my life. I have identified as a girl and a woman since I was small enough to remember. I am not a transvestite, a cross-dresser or a drag queen. What I am is transsexual, and quite frankly, even though I am preop, I do not view myself as anything other than as a woman with transsexuality being a physical condition.

I have met many fellow transsexuals. I find it demeaning to be lumped in with people who are crossing gender lines by dressing up as women. They do not identify as women, and they are not crossing sexual lines. I doubt that RuPaul gets a lot of hate for being a drag queen even though he likely does for his sexuality.

While I would not have an issue with someone who is transsexual using the women’s bathroom, I would have trouble with someone who identifies as male though dressing as a woman using the women’s bathroom.

I would prefer to see these two terms returned to their separate classifications because, honestly, every time, I hear people tell me about transgender advocacy or transgender rights, I really don’t want to bother even if it is a bill like in Arizona that will really damage my rights as a transsexual.

So, begin away with the hate.



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