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Jon Stewart Enjoys Some Gay Oral Arguments

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart always manages to bring out the best bits about the absurdity regarding any subject. The one thing that Stewart makes clear is that the moral outrage arguments had been pretty much rendered unconstitutional by Justice Anthony Kennedy. For that matter, he managed to hit most of the absurdity of the arguments throughout his two part review of the Tuesday and Wednesday oral arguments, and this includes the fact that Justice Antonin Scalia’s elevating four very badly done studies to the same level as fourteen very good studies.

One thing that Stewart misses is something that Mel Brooks actually got right in “History of the World: Part One”. In reality, same-sex marriage is much, much older than 2000. In fact, during the very first few hundred years of Christianity, same-sex marriage was quite common. Same-sex marriage was common place among the Celts and almost every single Native American culture we know of.

Beyond that, Stewart does a good job of folding in a lot of good jokes about the whole thing regarding Prop 8 and DOMA without going for some of the obvious jokes.

The big question I would like answered is why is it that the best newsmen in the business are two comedians!  I mean, seriously.  Heck, CRACKED had a decent, well thought out article going into the whole issue of guns the other day.  I mean, seriously.  Why is it that the comedians are doing the job that the news media is suppose to do.

Oh right…I forgot.  Rupert Murdoch made the news absurd.  Carry on.

Oh yes: NSFW due to adult innuendo.



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One Response to Jon Stewart Enjoys Some Gay Oral Arguments

  1. SFGreek

    March 29, 2013 at 11:12 am

    I beg to differ! Two out of three, at best. Rachel Maddow surpassed Stewart and Colbert, if only because the platform she uses affords it. I’d say all three are imperative if one wants to be politically informed.

    It’s hard to compare zingers to in-depth analyses. I’m grateful we have all three, they’ll all national treasures.