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Ken Miller Offers Up Dangerous Defense In Isabella Miller Kidnapping

Poster re Lisa Miller andisabellaKenneth Miller spoke to reporters from WCAX in Burlington about the recent sentencing for his part in the abduction of Isabella Miller, the daughter of Janet Jenkins and her ex-wife Lisa Miller. Kenneth Miller, who is no relation to Lisa Miller, is a Mennonite minister. He has also appeared to thoroughly enjoy the publicity that this case has drawn, often playing to the cameras.

In 2009, Lisa Miller absconded to Nicaragua with Isabella Miller, the child she had with her then-wife Janet Jenkins. Miller was part of the group of people who helped Lisa Miller abduct Isabella while lawyers from Liberty Counsel ran interference. Lisa Miller had been informed that she had to give up custody of Isabella to Janet Jenkins after years of refusing to share custody.

Kenneth Miller was sentenced to up to 27 months in prison for his role in the abduction of the now ten-year-old girl. He has refused to cooperate with the authorities regarding Isabella Miller’s whereabouts, and offered up a justification for the abduction amounting to it being alright to abduct children from people’s homes if they do not agree with the parents’ beliefs.

Here is the segment:

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