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Kenneth Miller To Remain In Jail For Helping “Ex-Gay” Lisa Miller Hide

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Twice in the Bible it makes it clear that humans are suppose to obey the laws of the mortal realm. The first was in the Covenant between God and Noah following the Flood. The second was when Christ stated “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto Go that which is God’s.” Unfortunately for many Christians, including Mennonite pastor Kenneth Miller, these passages are ignored.

Kenneth Miller was sent to jail recently for refusing to testify against his accomplices in the abduction of Isabella Miller, the daughter of faux-Christian convert and fake-ex-lesbian Lisa Miller. Isabella Miller is the daughter of Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins, and full custody of Isabella was handed to Jenkins following the decision by Lisa Miller to refuse to share custody. In order to try and get away from sharing custody, Lisa Miller pretended to convert to various forms of evangelical Christianity.

A supporter of Kenneth Miller, David Bercot, wrote that “Ken told the judge that jail has only made his convictions that much stronger. Ken explained to the judge why he cannot conscientiously testify against a fellow citizen of God’s Kingdom who was acting in good faith to obey the laws of Christ.”

He went on to say that “Ken has been doing very well so far. Visitors have been up several times, and always come away blessed. He is seeing this time as a kind of spiritual retreat and a witnessing opportunity.”

Kenneth Miller may end up spending quite some time in jail at this rate and all while violating the actual word of God in favor of the word of man, and man’s prejudices.



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One Response to Kenneth Miller To Remain In Jail For Helping “Ex-Gay” Lisa Miller Hide

  1. RLBaty

    March 1, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Ken is scheduled to be sentenced on the criminal conviction for his part in the kidnapping of Janet Jenkins’ daughter on Monday, March 4, 2013.

    Today, Ken’s attorney filed a motion to stay the sentencing until after the appeal and wants Ken released because he is not a flight risk or threat to the community.

    I don’t think the motion mentioned anything about Ken’s continuing criminal contempt problem, but one might suppose the Court is well informed about that matter.

    Earlier, Ken’s lawyer filed a motion in response to the sentencing report for a downward variation.

    I look for Ken to be sentenced Monday, perhaps with the maximum sentence and with the Court taking note of Ken’s obstruction of justice antics in refusing to testify under immunity regarding his accomplices. While the Government, according to earlier reports, may not specifically move for consideration of the contempt issue, the Court may decide to give it some consideration on its own.

    We will see!