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Liberty University Wants An Army of Kirk Cameron Clones

Kirk Cameron by Gage Skidmore

Kirk Cameron by Gage Skidmore

Liberty University has announced that they want to create an army of Kirk Camerons. In all honesty, an army of Uruk-hai would be more welcome. At least they’re more personable and don’t try to do anything more than impale you. Still, that isn’t stopping Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr from praising Cameron stating that he is the “example of the type of graduate that Liberty is trying to turn out”

He went on to praise Cameron for “using your profession to impact the culture, and that’s what we’re trying to do in every profession.” This is kind of funny since Cameron’s last film was in 2008, and that was “Fireproof”, which earned about $33 million at the box office. We guess it could be considered a success since the move only cost $500,000 to make.

Cameron is apparently partnering up with Liberty University to produce a 90-minute film about why God lets bad things happen. Well, if we take a page from The Book of Job, it’s because God is a sadist who wants to constantly test people’s faith. Falwell Jr said about the partnership that “So that’s why we decided to partner with you on your newest project. We’re trying to create tens of thousands of Kirk Camerons and put them out there.”

Cameron has defended the likes of Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin, called homosexuality “unnatural” and “ultimately destructive” and made his Growing Pains co-stars lives living hells.  And the University isn’t known for being very nice about gays either.

Still, all Falwell needs to do is call up Emperor Palpatine and order up a batch of clones, right?  Just get in touch with the cloners on Kamino and whip up a batch of Cameron Clones in a jiffy.



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