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Marriage Equality Legalization Would Add To Illinois’ Economy

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality (Photo credit: lez get real)

The Williams Institute has released new numbers for the state of Illinois. According to WI, extending marriage rights to same-sex couples would generate up to $103 million in spending for the state’s economy. Using the 2010 Census data, 23,049 same-sex couples live in Illinois, and at least half of those would marry within the first three years of same-sex marriage being legal in state should the same pattern hold true in Illinois as it has elsewhere.

Rick Garcia, the Director of the Equal Marriage Illinois Project, stated “Aside from the moral imperative for equal marriage, this study demonstrates that it is also an economic booster for our state. States that have equal marriage have had a positive financial impact. With the current economic issues that Illinois is facing equal marriage could be a financial blessing.”

While marriage equality still has hurdles ahead of it, it is currently working its way through the Illinois Assembly.



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