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Pat Brady Keeps Job As Ill. GOP Leader After Vote To Oust Canceled

Illinois Republican Party

Illinois Republican Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illinois Republican Party’s chairman Pat Brady is not out of a job after a meeting for the party was canceled because of a lack of votes to oust him over his support for same-sex marriage. The meeting was scheduled for Saturday, but was canceled Friday after a number of prominent Republicans put pressure on to end it. Among those who pushed to have the vote canceled were US Senator Mark Kirk and House Republican Leader Tom Cross.

Committeeman State Senator Dave Syverson
said that the vote would have been close, but that Brady would have come out in the end. Part of the problem is that there were members who have had concerns with Brady’s leadership separate and apart from the issue of marriage equality support, but they did not want to vote him out based upon his support for marriage equality.

Among those pushing to end Brady’s tenure as Illinois’ GOP leader was the National Organization for Marriage, which was certain that they had the votes to oust Brady.

Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar stated on Friday that “I personally think that Brady is not a bad guy. I was disappointed in the way that he took action regarding these issues.”

Del Mar went on to say “I don’t think the issue is regarding gay rights at all. I think the issue is that he took action without the support of the state central committee and the Illinois State County Chairmen Association.”

And concluded that “He should have followed the Illinois Republican Platform. If he didn’t want to follow the Republican platform, he should have gone to the state central committee, got the ‘OK’ and then move forward. But he didn’t, so there you go.



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