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Rachel Maddow On SCOTUS, Prop 8, and Same-Sex Marriage

MaddowBDChief Justice John Roberts does not have biological children. He and his wife Jane cannot have children. This little fact, which Dr. Rachel Maddow missed on her show following the Supreme Court’s taking up of the Prop 8 case, could actually end up being more important than expected. As Dr. Maddow pointed out, one of the prime arguments that Chuck Cooper made about keeping up Prop 8 is that opposite sex marriage is about procreation.

So, if John and Jane Roberts cannot have biological children, does that not mean that they should have their marriage dissolved?

Still, it may not matter. As Dr. Maddow made mention of, it looks like the Supreme Court will be heading towards striking down Prop 8 without extending it to the rest of the nation. While this is not the victory that everyone wanted, it is a victory nonetheless. That is the important thing to remember, in fact. Any victory, even a partial one, advances the cause.

Dr. Maddow did have a bit of funniness with Attorney General Kamala Harris. Dr. Maddow mentioned that AG Harris got called ‘sir’ and was referred to as ‘he’ quite a lot. Dr. Maddow noted that she often gets mistaken for a man…in person.

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