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Rev. Ken Miller Sentenced In VT Child Abduction Case

Lisa Miller Given Thirty Days To Comply With C...

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Reverend Kenneth Miller will be spending twenty-one to twenty-seven months in federal prison, a judge in Vermont has ruled. Showing no remorse and quite a lot of enjoyment over the case, Miller will appeal the conviction which stems from the abduction of Isabella Miller, the legal daughter of Janet Jenkins.

In 2009, Lisa Miller was ordered to hand over custody of Janet Jenkins after the fake ex-lesbian refused to share custody and used Liberty Counsel and Liberty University as means to fight sharing custody with her ex-wife.

Kenneth Miller was convicted of aiding the flight of Lisa Miller to Nicaragua and Jenkin’s daughter Lisa. Kenneth Miller, who bears no relation to Lisa Miller, could have spent up to three years in jail for his crimes. He is appealing on the grounds that he believes that the case should have been tried in Virginia and not Vermont. In Virginia, he would likely have spent no time in jail or even been convicted.

Prosecutors stated
“Because of his brazen intervention, a child — an American citizen — is growing up outside this country, and a mother must bear the unimaginable daily torment of being separated from her child, without any word on her child’s health or well-being. Kenneth Miller’s offense could not be more serious.”

Kenneth Miller’s attorneys tried to argue that the minister should not face jail time since he has no criminal record, and that he is a leader in his community who regularly helps people. He is a Mennonite minister who apparently has not figured out that Lisa Miller’s ‘attempts to protect her daughter from her ex-wife’s lesbian lifestyle’ were frauds perpetrated by Miller whom apparently continued to have intimate relations with other women while claiming to be ex-gay.

Kenneth Miller’s attorneys attempted to say that the help he gave to the child abductor was minimal, amateurish and unsophisticated. His lawyers also said “He, along with the Amish-Mennonite community, were an easy target to be used by Lisa Miller and others helping her.” Which seems doubtful given his refusal to help locate either Lisa Miller or Isabella Miller.



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