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Royal Oak Michigan Passes LGBT & HIV+ Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Seal of Michigan.

Seal of Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Royal Oak City Commission has passed a local ordinance to protect LGBT and HIV+ people in housing and employment discrimination. The vote went six to one in favor of passage. This makes Royal Oak the 22nd city in Michigan to pass such an ordinance while the state has refused to do so because of the Republican majority.

Emily Dievendorf, the Director of Policy for Equality Michigan, stated:

“Most people are shocked to learn that it is still legal to fire someone in Michigan simply for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The Royal Oak City Commission showed true leadership by standing up and putting an end to the oppression of LGBT and HIV positive people in their community. A study released earlier this year by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights proves that not only is this oppression harming our Michigan families, but it is having a damaging impact on our economic recovery efforts.

“Equality Michigan applauds the Royal Oak City Commission for their commitment to this issue and calls on the Michigan State Legislature to follow the example of the 22 Michigan municipalities that have stood up for fundamental fairness. Michigan must finally amend the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act to put an end to state sanctioned discrimination.”



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