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Sequester: The Comedians React

At the rate things are going, the Republican Party’s plans to declare war against the Greatest Generation are about to unfold. After all, they seem intent on reversing everything back to the days when the Robber Barons were running rampantly over the United States raking in cash and stirring up trouble. Never mind the fact that, back then, the only growth was thanks to whatever they could rake in and had nothing to do with anything like a functional economy. Of course, the first salvo was the sequester…but, as Mark Fiore points out:

And now to Jon Stewart. Last night, Stewart covered the sequester- in three segments. He especially took down the media for being more concerned over the flub by President Obama regarding the “Jedi mind-meld” rather than taking on Beohner’s idiotic claim that taxes are tantamount to theft:

And, finally, Stephen Colbert. The Colbert took on the sequester and the flub on his show as well, quite enjoying the chance to prove his nerdly creds again:



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