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Stephen Colbert, Emily Bazelon Discuss Same-Sex Marriage

colbert, stevenStephen Colbert took on same-sex marriage last night in three different segments. Colbert, who often sounds very Conservative but really is rather Liberal, took on the realities of same-sex marriage while often arguing the opposite side in order to make them sound rather absurd.

Colbert also did an extensive interview Slate senior editor Emily Bazelon regarding same-sex marriage.

Opposition to same-sex marriage has been dwindling rapidly in the last half-decade. In fact, in the years since California voted on Proposition 8, same-sex marriage has gained majority support in the United States, and is now legal in a large number of states including Vermont, New York, and Washington State. In fact, Maine vote on same-sex marriage and passed it into law through the ballot box.

At the rate that things have been changing, same-sex marriage is likely to be legal fully across the country within a decade. It is not going to be an easy road even after same-sex marriage is made legal, if the problems that have faced racial minorities are ay indication.



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