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Stoning Death Of Gay Somali May Never Have Happened

Somalia_map_states_regions_districtsLGBTQ Nation is reporting that they cannot confirm the story of a allegedly gay Somali teen who was reportedly stoned to death last week as punishment for being gay. This is an unfortunate reality with regards to Somalia. The nation basically has no functioning government and little in the way of reliable news.

Supposedly, in Barawe, Somalia, about fifty miles from the capital of Mogadishu, Al Shabaab ordered the execution by stoning of 18-year-old Mohamed Ali Baashi. Supposedly, the group accused the young man of sodomy and forced the villagers to watch as he was executed. The story, reported by Identity Kenya, included several photographs which have proven to be from previous stonings.

This is not the first time that a story about a supposedly gay man being executed horrifically in Africa has proven to be only partially true. A graphic video of a man being lit on fire while wearing a tire that circulated in 2011 proved to be true up to a point. A man was executed, but he had been accused by the local mob of being a thief, not of being gay.

Identity Kenya has also stated that they could not independently verify the claims of the alleged stoning.

Unfortunately, such incidents are often used to vilify Islam as a whole even if the incidents were carried out by a small portion of those claiming to be Islamic, or were not carried out at all.



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