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Texas Teen Fights To Have Photo of Her and G/F In School Yearbook

Texas state seal

Texas state seal (Photo credit: bionicteaching)

Felicia Rivera is petitioning Brennan High School in San Antonio, TX to allow a photo of her and her girlfriend to be printed in the school’s yearbook. The picture depicts Felicia holding her girlfriend at the school, and the photo was selected to run on the Valentine’s Day page, but the yearbook adviser pulled the image because it is of two girls.

The couple have been together for more than a year, and have 200 students backing them on having the photo in the yearbook. Felicia told KENS 5 that “You shouldn’t be discriminated against just because you’re gay. You shouldn’t worry about people bashing you or talking behind your back just for you to be you.”

Pascual Gonzalez,
the director of public information for the school district, tried to distract from the controversy by claiming that the photo was too intimate and “a little bit too much, exaggerated public display of affection.” The school prohibits public displays of affection.

Felicia’s father does not buy the rationale given by the school since the photo was approved when the yearbook coordinator thought it was a girl and a guy. Felix Rivera stated “They were fine with it until they realized it was girl-girl. It got placed, it got set and it was going to print and then it got pulled.”

Felicia has decided to take this experience and start a Gay-Straight Alliance on the campus.






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