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The Murder of A Gay Icon Has An Impact On Today’s Gun Control Debate

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz got his backside handed to him by Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday over a patently silly question asked by Cruz in the gun control debate proving that Cruz never bothered to prepare for the debate by doing some research on his opponent. There is a reason why Senator Feinstein of California is adamant about gun control, and it has to do, in part, with a gay icon.

Her opposition has to do with what happened at this point in time captured from the video of the time:

Feinstein Milk

Dianne Feinstein had to not only announce the murder of Harvey Milk, but also San Francisco Mayor George Moscone as she took over for Moscone as mayor of that town. Cruz’ insulting take on Feinstein’s position on gun control got discussed thoroughly by Dr Rachel Maddow last night:

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All rights have limitations. For instance, the most famous is, of course, that someone cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater; however, as was pointed out, the creation of pedophilic images using living children is strictly forbidden and no claims of freedom of speech allows for that to be legal. While it is Constitutionally protected speech to say “I wish someone would shoot Ted Cruz”, it crosses a line into non-protected speech by saying “I am going to shoot Ted Cruz” (not that I would. I’m not a violent person overall).

Freedom of the Press is limited as well. While I am free to publish anything I want, I cannot knowingly publish something defamatory or false. While the Freedom to Assemble is protected by the Constitution, the freedom to have a riot (which is a form of assembly) is not protected.

In many ways, the difference between license and freedom is the limits that are put on human behavior. As John Milton wrote “None can love freedom heartily, but good men… the rest love not freedom, but license.” A more contemporary author, Terry Pratchett, wrote “No practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences.”

It is rare for those who have witnessed the devastation and destruction that guns cause to the human body to be willing to continue to put up with unfettered access to guns in the United States. What the gun manufacturers have done over the years is generate a climate of fear in the US to push the idea that one needs a gun to protect one’s family even as evidence shows that this is not the case, and that most of the time, that gun is not going to protect you from an intruder.

For Dianne Feinstein, the murders of Harvey Milk and George Moscone were the moments that the lies of the pro-gun fear lobby lost their hold on her.



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