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Tim Tebow To Speak To Liberty University, Celebration Church

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (Photo credit: OPEN Sports)

New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow may be worried that his association with First Baptist Church in Dallas and their anti-gay/anti-Catholic/anti-Muslim pastor Robert Jeffress could cost him his job, but he seems to have few qualms about speaking before the anti-gay/anti-Catholic/anti-Muslim Liberty University, the home of Jerry Falwell.  Liberty University and the associated Liberty Counsel have been considered complicit in the abduction of Isabella Miller by some as evidence has surfaced of some direct involvement in that situation.

Tebow backed out of appearing at Jeffress’ church, much to the chagrin and anger of Jeffress, who accused Tebow of ‘wimping out’ due to pressure from the ‘Liberal media and pro-gay groups’ even though not a lot of pressure seems to have been brought to bear on Tebow over this speaking engagement.

Tebow will also be speaking to Celebration Church in his home town of Jacksonville, FL.

One Christian site claimed that
“Members of the media are already churning out more ignorant copy, apparently hoping to pressure Tebow once again to remain quiet.” This has some in the media baffled since this is the first time that either of these speaking engagements have cropped up, and the one at Celebration Church seems incredibly inconsequential.

Meanwhile, Tebow has tried to burnish his image a little by speaking to the newly more LGBT-friendly Pepperdine University in California. Pepperdine, which is a Christian university, recently unveiled an LGBT scholarship.

By and large, it seems like the attempts to portray Tebow as some kind of martyr for the cause are kind of falling flat since most people don’t seem to care about him all that much any more.

Of course, should he lose his job with the Jets, he could always go into the ministry.



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