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Where Is The Push To Lift Ban On Transsexual Service Members?

Defense Department SealIt has now been more than a year since Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell fell. OutServe-SLDN is one of those groups that helped to make it fall. That means that the only group left to be barred from military service are transsexuals, and it does not seem that OS-SLDN is entirely serious about lifting that ban.

I have been in contact several times with OS-SLDN and been unable to discover what their plans are regarding lifting the ban on transsexuals serving in the military. This is despite the fact that the head of the organization, Allyson Robinson, is transsexual herself.

From what I have been able to gather, the only reason why transsexuals are excluded from military service has to do with the fact that transsexuals have to undergo major surgery. Alright, but that does not explain anything these days given that there are many members of the military who are still serving despite missing large chunks of their bodies. So this rationale does not seem to be all that strong.

So, the question now is, why is that ban still in place, and will OS-SLDN be pushing to get it taken down?

Allyson Robinson is not the only veteran who is transsexual. Amber Sandeen is a former member of the Navy. These are the only two that I know of, but there have to be many more out there.

Transsexuals are quite capable of serving in the military. What the ban does is force transsexuals in the military to hide who they are until they leave the service, and honestly being transsexual and having to hide for that long is difficult at best, and torture at wort.

The time has come to finally end this final unreasonable ban on service in the military, but it seems as if no one has been willing to take up the cause to get it lifted.

If someone out there has, please let me know.



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