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Activists Need To Stop Being Dismissive & Actually Counter The Absurd

Amy Winehouse Died From Addiction At 27

Amy Winehouse Died From Addiction At 27

Did you know that I’m probably an alcoholic? I have several relatives, some of whom have died, from alcoholism. I once suffered from cyber-addiction. You might be wondering what this has to do with the price of beans, and it has to do with something that Right Wing Watch posted about an anti-gay activist:

Stooping to a new low, Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action is mocking the process of gay people coming out by releasing a video of a man revealing to his family that he is an adulterer and demanding affirmation.

Naturally, it ends with a clip from Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

ThinkProgress said that “Janet Porter, an anti-gay activist with a group called Faith 2 Action, offers one of the most offensive attempts at comparing homosexuality with adultery”

Activists need to stop just saying that something is offensive. Honestly, I don’t even take offense at some of this stuff that the anti-gay groups spew, but then again, that is because I have a high threshold for what I find offensive.

Thing is, they’re wrong, and we know it, but what we need to do is not just dismiss what they say. For the last thirty years or so, Liberals have been incredibly dismissive of the absurd arguments out of the Right on almost everything, and this is why what we believe in is in such dire straits.

I know that it is difficult to repeat oneself over and over again, but not everyone hears you the first fifty or thousand times. Rather than just present this clip or call it ‘mocking’ or ‘offensive’, explain why it is wrong.

Adultery is about choosing to harm someone emotionally. It is about betraying a trust that is given to someone in their wedding vows. Adultery is based upon lying. In fact, it is the exact opposite of being openly lesbian or gay because adultery is about having sex with someone in the darkness, while being openly lesbian or gay means having a relationship with someone in the light of day.

In fact, being out of the closet and accepting of who you are is likely to lead to less instances of adulterous behaviors. Just take a look at Larry Craig. When someone is lesbian or gay and living in the closet in order to ‘go along to get ahead’ sort of deal, they are more likely to commit adultery in order to be happy.

Unlike an adulterer, being lesbian or gay is innate. Which is why they like to compare us to alcoholics.

So back to why I brought up alcoholism. Activists should note this, in fact, as something that is rather important to bring up. Addictive behavior is genetic, but it is also dangerous. Unlike being sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, addiction is a behavior that results in the degradation of our bodies.

Someone who is addicted to nicotine can develop lung cancer. Someone who drinks lots of alcohol can end up with a rotten liver. Then there’s the problems like with cyber-addiction resulting in missed days of work, or in some cases, people starving themselves to death or hurting others.

To compare addiction to homosexuality does not work on many levels because of the nature of addiction. The behaviors associated with homosexuality are no more risky than the ones associated with heterosexuality where as the behaviors associated with addiction led Jim Morrison to be dead at 27; Jimmy Hendrix at 27; Janis Joplin at 27; Amy Winehouse at 27…er…yeah, there’s a lot of people with serious addictions who died from them at 27, sorry.

I know it’s hard, but we have to take, as activists, this opportunity to educate. Yeah, we’ll never get through to Faith 2 Action, but we’ll make them look like fools to those whom we can reach.  Yes, it’s a pain in the tuckas, but don’t think that those we need to reach hear us each time we counter the absurd. This is why we have to constantly counter them no matter how, where or when.

And, yeah, it can be a real pain, but the other thing is, approach it with Vulcan-like calm.  They hate that.



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