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Boston Police: Two Explosions At Marathon, No Explosions At JFK Library

Update 5:48

No one has been taken into custody. Total of 64 injured, 2 dead.

Boston Explosions via NYT Twitter

Boston Explosions via NYT Twitter


FOX News has reported that a person of interest has been taken into custody. Reportedly he is severely injured and is in the hospital.  The BPD and the curator at JFK Library are saying that there was no explosion at the library, and that it was a mechanical fire and only a mechanical fire.

Boston ExplosionTwo explosive devices were detonated in front of a Lens Crafters on Boylston Street across from the Boston Library as the more amateur runners were crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At least two were killed by the bombs and a minimum of twenty-three wounded. An incendiary device was also found at JFK Presidential Library at the University of Massachusetts.

In total, there were four different devices with a third device having been detonated by police bomb squad officers. The explosions struck across from the Boston Library and sent glass shrapnel flying. The reported injuries were horrific with multiple amputations caused by flying glass.

According to the Police Commissioner, there were three explosions. The first happened right by the Lens Crafters across from the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street. The second happened about 100 feet down the street. The third occurred at the JFK Library.

According to Commissioner Davis, the explosions are being treated as connected. He told people to not congregate in large groups and for everyone to make their way home or to their hotels. Police are clearing every single bag that was dropped by people who were running from the explosions, and the BPD is treating this as an ongoing event.

Governor Duval Patrick also noted how special a day this is for Boston, that the National Guard has been brought in, and that the Federal Government is sending in a lot of resources to help deal with the aftermath.

At least one Boston police officer was injured.

Governor Patrick and Commissioner Davis issued these two phone numbers:

Families of victims 1-617-635-4500

Witness 1-800-494-TIPS

Reports are that a Saudi national has been brought up as a suspect.  The JFK Library is disputing that the fire was related claiming that it occurred in a section of the mechanism that runs the library.

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